Hey there,

My name is Lily!

Creative (Art Director)
and baby seals lover
No seals were harmed for creating this illustration

About Me

Here is my 6 words story: Korean speaking Russian, born in Kazakhstan. I'm a Creative (Art Director) from a post-Soviet country with -40 degrees winters and +45 degrees summers.


In my previous life I used to write for magazines and newspapers back home, also I was a graphic designer,

brand consultant, and an illustrator.

Some of my appreciations:

UK Young Lions 2019 Digital category winner

Badass Gal nominee

Creative Conscience award

Chip Shop 2019 nomination


Previous gigs:

AMV BBDO (now)





So anyway, let's chat!

You're probably quite busy, so just drop me an email or give a call.


07 902 884 130

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