Brief: Develop a creative concept using AR on Snapchat where Vice can complement its Climate Change editorial and have a real impact on the issue. Channel: Snapchat.

Insight: Oxygen doesn’t just come from trees, 70% of our oxygen comes from corals and reefs in the oceans. It’s predicted that 90% of corals will die by 2050.

Idea: Adopt a baby Coral.

We’ll create an underwater game which allows Snapchat users to adopt their very own coral from the ocean floor.

Adopt your

               Baby Coral

Using Snapchats AR lens you will be able to choose your Baby Coral just like in Tinder

We will partner with the charity

Coral Guardian. You will be given the opportunity to donate to the charity by adopting your first baby Coral.

You will have to feed your Baby Coral to keep it happy. As you can see, once you feed your Baby Coral, it’ll turn happy pink!

We will give one lucky winner a chance  to deep dive down to the ocean floor and meet the very coral they have been hand rearing for the last month.

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