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Pedigree Poopost will test your little friend's health

34% of dogs in the UK have some kind of intestine parasite that can be detected by collecting pet’s stools in the vet’s lab. But most people don’t have time to bring their pets to the vet.

Cesar Poopost that will test your little friend's health without taking too much of your time.

Each Pedigree food bag will contain a peel-off sticker, where you can write your return contact details and stick on their black bags for the next your walk your doggo

Collect the poop and stick the sticker with your email address on the poop black bag

Pedigree will turn red poop bins,

that you get in the parks and on the streets, to Pedigree poop collectives.


And Pedigree will make sure that all the poop bags with the sticker will get taken to the vet lab for testing

After testing your dog's poop, Cesar will text you with results and recommend the best type of Cesar food for improving your dog’s digestive system

Lily Kn logo.png

Creative / Art Director