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Utilising Uber taxis to save more lives


Sudden cardiac arrest is the nation’s biggest killer with only 8% of people surviving an attack, which can kill you within 10 minutes. Ambulances are not quick enough to arrive at the scene of the accident, taking on average 15 minutes to arrive anywhere in London. 


Utilise Uber taxis with Automated External Defibrillators, which are so easy to use, that even children can use them, to deliver them to the accident location.


Creative Conscience 

Digital submission winner

AED copy.png
Uber copy.png

An emergency button on the Uber app will call for the nearby driver with the defibrillator and call for an ambulance at the same time.

Then it will redirect users to the extension guide, which will show how far are both from the location.

Ads around London will be time-specific like the 3 ads below, which are placed 3-4 minutes' walk from each other.

ubER site 1.jpg
ubER site 2-2.jpg
ubER site 3.jpg