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One plaque, limitless voices with endless messages

Brief: Use Snapchat platform to raise awareness about climate change.

Insight: We fight for what we believe in and want to see a solid change happen. Protests happen all over the world but we can’t always be present there to fight for what we believe in.​ We know that vice readers are a generation of creators. They are at the heart of activism and are all about the now.

Idea: We’ll show how Snapchat can unite and empower people from all over the world by projecting messages of support on one plaque.

Create your unique message on the plaque or modify the existing ones from Snapchat filters.

Send your plaque to the Snapchat team in the app.

Once Snapchat has approved your plaque, it will send you a push notification saying when and when your plaque will be seen.

Vice reporters will be placed at the heart of the action: at protests and in front of the climate change summit, projecting your Snapchat message on the digital screens. 

How can we stretch the campaign?

Vice will create an AR gallery, that anyone in the world will be able to access via Snapchat. 

Vice will place empty billboards around the world with a hashtag and a unique Snapchat QR on it by scanning which you'd be able to access the plaques from around the world that were done by the Snapchat users and you would be able to create your own. 

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