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Who will you

take next?

Brief: Walkers are launching one of their biggest ever campaign, offering 24 million free restaurant meals, worth a whopping £160 million. Advertise the hell out of it. 


Insight: Despite food being proven to bring us together through social and emotional support, the average Brit now eats just under half of their meals alone every week.


Idea: While it’s impossible to share new Walkers, enjoying your 2-4-1 free meal together couldn’t be easier. 


So easy you’ll share it just about anyone and everyone… almost. With each new Taste Icons flavour as irresistible as the last, the challenge won’t be deciding whom to take for dinner, but who you’ll take next.

Instagram stories filter

An Instagram Stories filter that tracks over your head and asks ‘Who should you take next?’, before cycling through options of whom to take to dinner next.

Tap and hold social filter

Tap-and-hold GIFs flipping through a huge selection of candidates to take for a meal, some serious, some playful, to help our fans decide whom to take next.

Settle a beef

What is it? We want to start a debate settling beefs, Walkers will create a series of What would you rather content to start a conversation online that will end by being settled around the dinner table.


How: Walkers will release a series of general questions across their social platform that are known to start a conversation and get people choosing the side. We want people to use their Walkers 2-4-1 voucher to take their beefing partner to dinner and settle the beef once and for all. 

Social listening

Macaulay Culkin tweeted about his brother’s Golden Globe nomination, not even knowing anything about the film he was featured in. We all have troubles meeting up, even celebrities talk about it on social media. 


Walkers will do social listening based on keywords such as meet up, catch up, calls, drinks, etc. When that happens, we will reply with a quick tweet, offering a bag of crisps and, of course, the meal for 2.

Lily Kn logo.png

Creative / Art Director