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Don't be silenced by self-doubt

Young Cannes Lions Digital


80% of sexual harassment cases end up being unreported. There is no one answer to what is sexual harassment. What is a 'friendly banter' for some is sexual harassment. The victim is afraid to exaggerate and normally has no point of touch in this case. That causes self-doubt and it is one of

the main reasons why victim end ups not reporting the incident.

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Cannes Young Lions

Digital category winner

Victim's trail of thoughts are demonstrated in these social ads, which show how easy it is to lose confidence in your thoughts longer you think about the incident.


We've developed a 24/7 Whatsapp chat bot to whom the victims can report the incident. 

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The CTA on the ad take you to speak to our scpedially built WhatsApp bot.

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A lot of sexual harassment victims question if their incident is considered as a sexual harassment, so we created TimeToChat , a WhatsApp service that is available 24/7 that will answer victim's questions and helps to point in the right direction. 

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WhatsApp service

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